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Only you can Decide your Future

I had been staring at a blank page (on my screen) for a few days now, trying to figure out the best way to communicate not just an amazing story, but also the actual amazement I felt while listening to it.

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What Vegetable Shopping & Fundraising have in Common

“When you go to the market to buy potatoes, do you pick them up from the very first shop you see? No – you look around the market, find the best quality and price before picking anything, right? …”

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Lessons in Marketing from a Rickshaw driver

I would begin with apologising to my loyal readers (all four of you) for the time I have taken since the previous article. This month has been a little more hectic than I had planned for and those of you who know me personally, might know exactly why. Before I get down to jotting my learning from some interviews I had taken, I wanted to share this interesting and amusing story.

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Teaching a man to fish

Perhaps one of the most cheerful and resilient people I have spoken to so far, Mr. Ashis Mohanty is a very good example of how you change your life when you find a higher calling. Read on to know more about his journey.

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The Smartest Guys in the Room

My next interview got scheduled as I browsed Linkedin. Devang Sharma, one of my batchmates from NMIMS, had a very interesting post about how his company had managed to achieve a record high in sales on Myntra. At first I thought this was some place he worked, but on scouting further, it was a company he had co-founded not too long ago – I just had to speak with him.

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Not for the Fainthearted

My next interview was certainly an eye opener. Before I begin articulating the same, I must warn you of the following: firstly, this article is on the lengthier side, as it would be unfair to ‘edit’ the learning I received; and second, read this only if you are willing to ask yourself the tough questions that every entrepreneur is faced with at some point in their journey.

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You’re not Alone

In retrospect, I should have probably written a few more articles before approaching my next entrepreneur, so that I could at least have a chance to impress him with a body of work. Wondering why? Read on to find out!

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Don’t look for Opportunities, Create them has a network of over 1.75 lakh vendors of wedding related goods and services all across India. When I spoke to Mr. Manish Grover, the co-founder, I had referred to his venture like the ‘Google search of Wedding services in India’. Read his story and tell me if you agree.

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Learning to say No

Somewhere along your journey towards any goal, entrepreneurial or otherwise, you would come across the tough decision where you have to decide whether or not to stay on your current path. We may plan for it, and create scenarios in our minds, however, I don’t feel anything can really prepare us for the emotions that are involved when your heart and mind say two different things.

My next interview was with an individual who I feel has faced this tough decision not once, but twice in his journey.

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Who is John Galt?

Before I started this blog, I wanted to check if there was a potential for finding enough content. Learning from a mistake I had made in the past – The phrase ‘if you build it, they will come’ was something I had once taken too literally, and had suffered the consequences.

This time, I decided to let one of Steve Jobs’ phrases guide my actions – ‘most people don’t pick up the phone and call anymore’. I decided to do just that.

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