In all probability, the reason you reached this particular page directly was that I reached out to you on social media and asked you to take a few minutes to read this.

I am thankful to you that you took the time to do so. In a few paragraphs, I would like to explain to you what I hope to achieve.

I started this blog while on my own entrepreneurial journey. A day had come while working on something, that I was in desperate need of motivation to keep going. I would read about other entrepreneurs and learn from their stories. What I learnt while doing so, is that while success stories were inspiring, they aren’t always easy to relate to. Especially for early stage entrepreneurs or even those who are in the ‘ideation’ stage.

What helped (or at least what helped me) was knowing more about the early years of the entrepreneur. I have a few friends who have their own ventures, and I have had the privilege of knowing their stories. Their life before their ventures took shape and the sacrifices they made to do so. The reasons behind their actions and how they took the plunge. The difference between corporate life and the that of a founder. Eureka moments, first offices and clients – or just the stories of the struggle to achieve them. In short, the story of the hustle.

I wish to share the stories from your early days as an entrepreneurs with others like me who may feel inspired by them to move forward.

Please feel free to reach out to me at on Linkedin and let’s schedule a chat soon!

– Abhishek Kaul